Thursday, June 2, 2016

Getting this rental cleared out and ready to turn back over to the landlord


I am very pleased with my efforts to downsize our possessions, raising cash for our move. Especially liberating, has been unloading the big items (couch, 1 1/2 cords firewood, 2 large tables, a large folding table etc). Only one more large item remains: my Formica dinette and 4 folding chairs. I did have a buyer for earlier this week, she flaked on me. I may* have someone interested in the folding chairs, I've asked her to let me know by Fri evening). I didn't elaborate, but I have made arrangements for the table and chairs to be picked up this weekend. Out of here, thank you very much.

Meanwhile, more items are amassing for a Goodwill run-luckily it's about 10 minutes from here.

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