Monday, June 6, 2016

Getting organized in the kitchen

 Belinda me this idea: somehow support 2 of the 4 baking items shoe boxes, thereby gaining more storage space. I went to WM-my least favorite store, but I knew that they would have something. I grabbed this wire coated shelf.
 I now have only used one side of the over the fridge cabinet, leaving the other side for more storage, thanks again, Belinda!
 I love coraling like items in baskets, and find these old, dollar store items work well. I moved my junk drawer yesterday, and grabbed one of these to store little note pads, scrap paper etc. I am a list person, this works for me.
When I moved to this current rental, I bought several, Rubber Miad, black plastic drawer dividers. Expensive considering what they are made of, but it was an investment. Wider drawers here translated into being able to add additional dividers. Pictured is my "junk drawer" that houses some msc kitchen items, and 3 mini baskets (another DT find) that slide back and forth in the divider. The rear one houses rubber bands, the center one has string/twine, the front one has tape and msc electical adapter plugs. In front, you see toothpicks to the left, and my collection of washed and folded tin foil for reuse, topped by a pair of kitchen scissors. 


Anne in the kitchen said...

I looked at all the posts before commenting. What a lovely place you have . I hope it sill fell like home soon and it will be a happy new beginning!

meme said...

I really like that idea of the stacking shelf !

Belinda said...

You're welcome. I could see from your photos that you had plenty of room to go up. :)