Thursday, June 2, 2016

Getting the condo ready, and figuring out some solutions

Since I've gotten into the condo, I discovered a few repairs and have requested them (loose banister railing, a sink drain lift that doesn't work, keeping the drain almost closed). I also asked the new LL if they would consider installing 2 small towel bars or rings in the hall bath. The room is a long, galley. Enter and pass a large cabinet, then 2 double sinks in a series of adjoining cabinets, then the toilet. The shower is opposite the farthest sink from the hall, and the toilet. The lone towel bar is on the wall at the back of the room, farthest from the door (if I am describing this corrrectly) With 2 kids getting ready, 2 towels bars are needed. Forget washing your hands, even at the sink closest to the toilet. Once you shut the water off, your hands are dripping water over the toilet, floor as you move to use the bath towel bar. Weird.

The response was luke warm at best. The LL's DH is swamped at work at the moment (not really sure just what he does, I suspect a trade of some sort), pulling 6, 12 hour days/week. He may* be freed up and back to normal hours in a few weeks. LL suggested me asking my DX to look at the aforementioned repairs and if the parts aren't too much, she'd pay for them. Huh? I am paying DX to paint, not that she is aware and DX is under no obligation to be her free handyman. I replied that I will ask DX to look at the railing to determine what he thinks it needst (I suspect an anchor bolt and reinsert the long screw into the drywall), the sink can wait until her husband has regular hours as we won't be residing there for another week. She can hire a plumber.  She suggested asking her DH when he comes over in a few weeks, to see where I'd like a towel ring. The way she phrased it, it came across that it would be at my expense. No other tenant ever had a problem. @ @ Remember, this is the same LL who won't have her handy DH rip out the broken (and rusted BTW) garbage disposal.


DD and I looked on line, finding several venues that carry counter top, double towel rings (intended for tip towels it seems, as reviewers complained about the towels pooling onto the countertop). No go. I then looked up over the cabinet towel bars, and selected this one:


It matches perfectly with the hardware in the hall bath, and it can easily come with me. $16.76 before tax.

I also found a different style (chrome with white, porceline knobs on the ends) for the kitchen. The cabinets are tall, and the style of knobs makes the hanging towels fall off easily. I ended up just hanging one from the buttonhole opening, but then the towel hangs down too low, blocking sightlines into the diningroom/LR combo. There are now 2 of these positioned on the 2 doors under the sink. To the right: the dish towel. To the left: the hanging towel for hand drying (a real work horse in my home as I don't use paper towels), and the dish/counter cloth. Perfect,

Better yet: a HD employee helped me pay/cashout at a self scanner (hate those, prefer a human being). Both of the kitchen towel bars rang up at 1 cent each.

I used a Lowe's 10% off coupon, mailed to me when we changed addressed. I saved $1.68 plus tax.

I found an unopened package of A/C insulating foam, returned that, netting a store credit of $3.17.

Total out the door: $12.89 with tax for 4 towel bars to hang over cabinets. Nice.

While at HD, I also inquired and later received my rebate form for the paint I ordered. $20 rebate is awesome. : )

I also inquired as to the status of my ship to store, step ladder. As of 2 days ago, it was in MO, no further update. As of this afternoon, it's in Stratford, so I anticipate getting it tomorrow and being able to reach and fill the upper cabinets and shelves at the condo).


kelley said...

sounds like this LL is not as good as the last one...hoping they come through quickly on what needs done...sometimes I think they don't know what to do with the really good tenants! the bathroom sounds odd with lack of towel bars where needed...

Ms. Sandie said...

Sounds like you found some workable solutions. Hope this LL isn't a flake. What are the terms regarding maintenance and repairs? Is the final walk through this week at old rental?

CTMOM said...

Sandie-final walk thru is 6/13. The new LL doesn't want to spend a penny on the place. Missing/burnt out lite bulbs, former tenant took down all of the fire alarms-yet the LL didn't return them with batteries. @@ I am keenly aware of CT landlord-tenancy laws. I'll squawk of the husband doesn't show up within 2 weeks. I'll respectfully ask that if he can't do the repair, she get a plumber. She is required to have working plumbing. Yes, there are 2 sinks in the master. I expect both to work. Only terms are that I am to contact her for repairs.

Kathy said...

Glad you were able to find a great solution for the towel bars. Hope the LL comes through with the plumbing and smoke detectors.
Good luck with your inspection.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I have one of those over the drawer towel holders like you pictured. My drawer faces are a tad thinner than the space on the towel bar but a couple of shims and some Elmers glue solved that problem. I really do like it because I could place it exactly where I needed it

Belinda said...

I have one of the over the cabinet/door towel racks, they are very nice and I love the fact that they are portable and you can take them with you when you go. I hope your new landlord will address these issues and work them out to a suitable solution for you.

meme said...

I found it strange that this LL would even consider having you ask your DX to make repairs. This property is HER responsibility.