Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dealing with paperwork, school registration


Although DS with special needs was accepted into the transition program at the local university while we resided in our former town, officially, I had to register him as a 12+ student at the city's high school, even though he will never set foot on campus.  Legally, the city schools are required to provide transportation for DS to attend the transitional program at the university. How it would work is that he would be picked up at home/nearby by the city school bus, and taken to the city high school across the city. There, he would disembark that bus, and await the arrival of another school bus to take him, along with students attending the alternative high school, to the alternative high school, not far from here, ping ponging back. He would get off that school bus and walk 2 blocks to the university. Note: we are a 3 minute car ride from the university. Given his needs, this isn't an option. One of our goals in relocating here to the city, is for him to gain more independance. I will be looking for a job, and do not know what my hours or availability will be. DD's hours vary, the earliest she goes in to work is for 11, so I know she'd be around in the morning. We're working this out.

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Rachel said...

Good luck on figuring out all the transportation needs and schedules.