Sunday, June 5, 2016

Continuing to work on the condo

As anticipated, I picked up my new, heavy duty step ladder/stool at Home Depot. Very happy with this purchase.
 Here are my 1 cent hanging towel bars at the kitchen sink, and my new, padded area rug by the sink
 The hall bath's hanging towels
 Much of my efforts yesterday were in getting the upper cabinets cleaned, and my food storage put away. The upper cabinets had NOT been cleaned, as the lower cabinets weren't either. I have a lot of crash n burn Jello, which will frequent our frugal kitchen this Summer. Pictured is one of the plastic, shoe box style, storage boxes that I brought home from work. (I no longer needed the contents, which I trashed, but saved these tubs, as I originally paid for them). I found that these are a great solution to using the upper cabinets, over the fridge (still need a step ladder to properly access)as I can store like items together and simply grab the desired tub as needed. So, we now have a Jello tub,
 and pictured in the cabinet (left to right): tub of assorted non chocolate, baking chips; chocolate baking chips, Jello, pudding. Nice. I like these type of mini projects.
Here's a view into my new kitchen.

I also discovered that there are multiple, burnt out lights in the under cabinet lights (7 to be exact, I also needed 3 additional bulbs for ceiling/garage opener lights @@))-DD and I stopped back at Home Depot last night as we returned here and I bought the bulbs needed, using another 10% off Lowe's coupon;  and the microwave fan screens hadn't been cleaned in a very, very long time. The entire underside of the microwave , along with the cabinets nearby were covered in grease. Ick! Lemon amonia (had a larger bottle on hand, leftover from stripping dirty wax off of the former rental's kitchen floor) to the rescue.

The beige, yes BEIGE, swill water attests to the gunk on the metal screens.  I also used some of this amonia to cean out the large trash bin for the trash hauling service. It was disgusting. Now freshly scrubbed and rinsed, it's pristine, no odors. I don't understand how some choose to live. The garage has a water outlet and a hose reel attached to the wall. I had already brought my 2 rubber hoses with me, as I noted another condo resident washing  out his trash bin just after the trash hauler left (we have Tues/Fri pick up-this week was off due to the holiday, so a Sat pick up). Another project done.

I keep reminding myself that my new LL cleaned this place. I can understand missing one bulb or 2, or one blows out just as you go to use it, but really? Didn't she inspect the place?


BlissfulButterfly said...

Beautiful kitchen! I hope you enjoy your new home!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Nice kitchen. Those towel bars will work great. I may need to buy some. (I didn't understand what they were in your previous post.) How do you get Lowes coupons? I never see any where I live.
I don't think your LL is much of a cleaner. Hehehe.

CTMOM said...

Thanks, Bliss, we are looking forward to our new digs. : )

CTMOM said...

Grammy-the bathrooms have limited towel bars. (Master only has one towel ring to the right of one of the double sinks, NOT a single towel bar for my bath towel (which I do reuse). The hall and den onsuite baths only have a small/narrow towel bar. LL refused to install additional ones. I found an easy solution. Done. Kitchen also became a concern (odd handle on the gas range, so can't put my dish towels there either). I solved it.

I got 4 Lowe's 10% off coupons from my change of address thru the PO. Covers a bit more than the tax (6.36% here) so I'm ahead of the game. : )

Yes, my LL "missed" quite a bit. I know the condo's clean now, as I did it to MY specifications-apparently different than hers. : )

Kathy said...

Your kitchen looks great! Glad you found a solution with the towel bars- for 1 cent, wow!
Hope you don't have trouble with the LL fixing things. Doesn't sound like she has been very helpful, but hopefully things will improve once her husband is working less.
Enjoy your new home!

meme said...

It sounds like your new LL just did the absolute minimum in cleaning. As far as all the burned out bulbs - she may have known about it and figured if you wanted lights - you would replace them. It also sounds like the previous tenant also did the minimum in cleaning - maybe because it was "just" a rental.

It will feel good on your actual moving day and knowing that your new home is pristine. Thanks for posting pictures - I was hoping you would. I often take your ideas from your pictures - i.e. using those tubs for putting small boxed food in.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Congratulations on the new condo. I think it is a good thing to go ahead and commit to getting it clean like you want it to be. I don't mind a little dirt, but I want it to be my dirt, not someone else's. The step stool you bought is my new go-to wedding present. I have been giving it for the past couple of years and have had so many newly married people ,being less than overjoyed when they open, it tell me months later that it has been their most used and best present.

BlogReader said...

Is it landlords obligation to provide light bulbs n your state? Not in mine or others I've stayed in. Nice, but no their obligation here. Sounds like it is there?

Belinda said...

I love your over the door towel bars. They are perfect.

I like your plastic shoe box storage too. Have you thought about going up in the cabinets? I have a shelf made to fit into a student's locker. I'm sure you know the ones as most students have one in their lockers. One of those would fit perfectly over the shoe box and you could put another shoe box on top of it and the locker shelves are stack-able, so you could fit as many as would fit into the cabinets. Just a thought.

Yuck on those gunky metal screens too. I'm shocked your LL didn't notice that. One of my former LLs went over things like that with a fine tooth comb.

sqbdew said...

here it is also not required to supply light bulbs unless you are section 8 government. Also the addition of towel racks is cosmetic and not required as each tenant may want them placed differently

kelley said...

wouldn't want to see your landlord's home...

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Reminds me of moving out of government housing when we were a military family. The inspection committee ran a file card between the top of the stove and the ridge around the top. I passed that test---they got me for scouring powder residue on top of the hot water tank. A quick swipe with a wet cloth, and inspection passed! They found SOME fault with everyone. Our resident neurotic cleaner, whose vet told her to stop washing the dog because his hair was falling out, was cited for dust in the bed springs. It took her another day or so to pass again. You couldn't process out until you passed the house inspection. Your ll would still be cleaning and you would be halfway to your next duty station!!

Glad you are moving things along so well. We did enough moving in the first years of our marriage and have lived in our present house for nearly 38 years. I hope your goal of a permanent house is reached fairly soon. Good luck on this move.

Lili said...

It looks like you're getting everything squared away.
You have a decent amount of storage in your new kitchen. That will be nice to have.
Enjoy your new space!