Thursday, June 30, 2016

City resources

One item I have had on my list of "to do's" is applying DS # 2 for assistance with mass transit. I intentionally previewed the city bus system (excellent the first time I used it, will be on it again this Sat), to determine what they offer, accessability, costs, etc. As mentioned in a previous post (, DS will need to get to the local university. He also is about to start his Summer job. He contiues with rehabilatatve therapies  at the hospital. While I am currently available (he has yet to be screened to be able/denied the right to drive), I won't always be able to drive him around, anticipating that I will have employment within 2 months. He also needs to gain independance. Seeing his twin (who currently is residing with Dad) driving, has been hard, as I expected.

We applied to the local city bus company for the ADA Para Assisted program, and we had the on site interview yesterday. They really bend over backwards for potential clients. When the supervisor first phoned to set up the interview, he offered sending a car to come and get us/bring us back home. I thanked him, stating that I do have a car, we'll drive over (another place that is within 5 minutes of here).

DS automatically qualifies for the ADA program which gets priority over all over trips. This means that  in the rare instance that he  schedules a ride, if needed, they will bump someone else who already has a scheduled ride but is not disabled. We will be able to have on going appoitments scheduled automatically, to eliminate the need to phone the scheduler every 2 weeks (the max. time ahead to call). He is allowed 2 same day round trip rides a month, without 24 hour notice, if space on the shuttle van allows.

He will be picked up and returned just outside of our condo. Door to door service. This is the same physical shuttle van for lack of a better word, that Seniors can use, along with the disabled, to schedule rides. It runs, however, alongside the city bus system for the ADA program which means from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., 7 days a week, to meet ADA transportation needs. Typically, IME, the Senior rides run 8:30-4:30 time frame Mon thru Fri only. The ADA para transit will take him up to 3/4 of a mile outside of the city bus line limits. Should someone accompany him, that fare is waved.

We chose to prepurchase 10 ride passes for him, for which we have resources for reimbursement. $22.50 for 5 round trip rides/week. These passes never expire.  Additionally, should he take the regular city bus (definately with one of us), his fare is automatically reduced 50%. He will be receiving a state issued, ADA para transit id badge/pass that he can use on any public transportation venue within CT. It normally is automatically transferable, should he go/move out of state.

In the event of inclement weather, and an anticipated shut down of the bus/transit system, DS will be contacted, and they will arrange for an early pick up to return him home. Pretty awesome.

This will give DS some real independance and free up my time. Although I drive a hybrid and we now live close to everything, a side effect is that this will save me fuel costs as well. Main goal is for DS to gain independance.


Lili said...

Just wishing you luck with all of this, Carol. My husband is disabled and while he takes the regular bus 99% of the time, he does take the DART (dial a ride trans) from time to time. It works very well when he needs it. And the drivers are helpful and patient. I can now understand your choice to move to the city, fully. This will change your son's access for independence, for sure.

Rachel said...

Good luck with all that. I really hope it does give your son the sense of independence it sounds like he needs and wants.

Florence said...

That sounds absolutely awesome. Good for your son and good for you!

Belinda said...

This is such wonderful news, Carol. What a terrific resource for your son. I'd say there are many other resources you'll find living in the city. I'd be reading the local paper to be sure and find as many of them as possible. How great for your son. :)

meme said...

That is wonderful news for your son! It sounds like a great transportation system.

NAN said...

You know my job is to assist individuals with disabilities. All my clients are on Medicaid and receive additional services through a waiver. I have a few who live independently and drive, use our small bus service, or call ahead for the senior/disabled bus similar to what you mentioned. Vocational rehabilitation services also assists with employment. Most all my clients stayed in school until age 22 though and one just got his AS degree. Most receive SSI and pay room and board to a landlord whether it be a parent or someone else.

Ms. Sandie said...

The beginning of a new exciting chapter in his life!