Friday, June 3, 2016

Avoiding feelings of deprivation in the frugal kitchen


I anticipate that this will be a common site in my kitchen this Summer. As I moved my baking supplies over to the condo, I was surprised at the largess I still have on hand. My kids are far more into sweets than I am. That said, in an effort to head off any feelings of deprivation in my kitchen this Summer, I plan on baking, as a way to satisfy, to save over buying treats and to use what is on hand. I have a lot to select from, ingredient wise:

-dried craisins, raisins, figs, dates, crystallized ginger
-assorted sweet spices for baking, dried orange and lemon peel, candied citron glace
-fzn bananas, fzn apple sauce,fzn pumpkin puree, fzn squash (Hubbard), fzn cranberries, fzn shredded zucchini (used in chocolate bread and muffins)
-canned cherry and blueberry pie filllings, jarred apple sauce, jarred fig filling, canned pumpkin
-shredded coconut
-canned sweetened evaporated milk
-graham cracker crumbs; 1 purchased graham cracker crust
-pecans, almonds
-chocolate regular sized and mini chips, butterscotch chips, cinnamon chips, Heath bar bits, peanut butter chips
-baking chocolate, powdered cocoa
-assorted sprinkles, extracts
-homemade Bisquick and a homemade oat bar mix
-whole wheat,cake, bread and AP flour
-Angel food and regular cake mixes, brownie mixes
-jello and pudding mixes, Tapioca (used in fruit pies)
-vegetable oil, solid shortening, butter
-brown, white, XXX sugar; agave, Maple syrup

I may have forgotten something, but I see muffins, cookies, quick breads, waffles/pancakes, fruit crisps/cobblers,  pies in the above. Seasonal fruits will also make their debut.

Got any other ideas/suggestions?


young77 said...

Sounds awesome AND you can bake in the comfort of A/C! Shirley

NAN said...

I've got too much too but I only bake from scratch now so that means no cake/brownie mixes or canned filling. I counted and I have 8 bags of varous chips. I would see them on sale and grab another couple LOL and just didn't bake as much over the holiday season from November-December 2015. Sad thing is my oven broke and I have yet to replace it- I need to do it!!! I might make a couple of batches of fudge and give them away(I don't want to tempt myself though).

meme said...

Since you have the cans of sweetened milk - you could always make a version of those "five layer bars" - I think it was on a Martha Stewart website that I saw (and made) a really tasty five layer bar .....or was is Paula Dean???