Saturday, June 18, 2016

And the results are in


I called earlier in the week, setting up an appointment to see my Internist this past Thursday; chief complaint: fatigue.  It started about a month ago, really bad just before my period (I had just previously had an ovarian cyst rupture on it's own.. No real issue other than feeling lousy on night, sending me to bed. I was much better the next day. Tests confirmed that it's gone.). Napping every afternoon has become a pattern. Although I had blood work done in early May, my vitamin D levels weren't checked. My initial thoughts were that the premenstrual fatigue was due to recent gyno issues, and subsequent fatigue was due to vitamin D dropping again.

5 blood tests were run: thryoid/Lyme disease, vit D, CBC. Costs for tests and MD appointment: $0.

Results: all normal except my vit D dropped down to 21 (was 28 at the last reading) AND my iron is low. Sigh.

A trip to CVS was planned for last night, once I received the results, and I took advantage of the BOGO promotion on Nature Made vitamins (the only brand my Pharmacist brother recommends), stocking up on 1000 unit pills to add to the 2000 already being taken. They only had one bottle of iron pills left, so I the manager gave it to me @ 50% off, after checking in the back if they had any more. I paid for them using my HSA funds so $20.53 remained in my wallet.

Additionally, MD wants to do a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea. Ok, I've hit my deductible, let's do it.

Good news is that I've lost 11 lbs since I saw her in November.  I am doing something right. : )


meme said...

I have low vitamin D levels too -- mine was at 6 when I had it checked - I had a prescription D for a while, now on just the supplement daily. My daughter has low iron - when she forgets to take iron pill a day or two, her energy drains.

Belinda said...

Same here with the low Vitamin D levels. I hope the additional dosage plus iron helps you to feel better.

Linda said...

Nature Made supplements is my choice, too. I just decided on my own.