Friday, June 24, 2016

A simple start to my day

Ald's Raisin Bran cereal in 1% milk, OJ, coffee with cream and sugar, Rxs. Already got 2 loads of laundry done, towels machine dried, colored clothing hanging to dry.

Dishwasher and dish drainer emptied, floors swept, trash gathered for pick up today along with the recycling, which is only picked up on Fridays.

A selection of leftovers to select from or aa sandwich for lunch today; frozen Italian sausage is now defrosting for tonight's sausage pizza with a side salad. Off to dress and run a few errands this morning, before it gets hot.


Belinda said...

You hit the ground running today! WTG. :)

janie said...

Hi Carol,

I just discovered that I can purchase my cat's prescription only food online. The vet sent a prescription to and I was able to save over 16.00.

I thought I read that one of your cats is on a special diet; so I wanted to pass along this website in case it may save you some dollars.

The vets's price has been creeping up and for the heck of it I googled the brand and found out I can get it much cheaper online.

I also noticed they have another food that I use for another pet. So I was able to purchase the two at a good savings and get free shipping.

I read you are trying to reduce expenses, so I wanted to pass this website along to you.

In no way am I trying to promote the company.

Good luck, Janie

The website is I placed an order on Wednesday and it is supposed to be delivered via fed ex today. We live in Mass and don't remember where it was shipped from.

Lee Ann said...

I got tired reading this. You rock girl!