Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What's been cooking?

 Past few days have been Crock Pot days: Monday was dried pintos cooked with a meaty ham bone, onion, the rest of the minced dried garlic, pepper and  bay leaf over l/o Chinese take out rice. Not including my lunch today (Tues), there were no leftovers.  A green salad accompanied.
 Tues morning found me taking this meal portion bag of homemade meatballs out of the freezer, and grabbing this recently acquired can of crushed tomatoes with Ital herbs (50 cents, I couldn't pass it up as I knew today's menu)
 The home grated Mozzarella that I set aside while making pizza on Fri, a pkg of Aldi's Kaiser rolls (wanted traditional grinder rolls but not willing to pay more at another store).
I came home to this tonight. l/o homemade 3 bean salad; a pkg of fzn mixed veggies complete the meal.

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