Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Warm weather

Warm weather has finally hit CT. The good news is that this translates into selling off my remaining window A/C units. Of the 6 I had, one remains with a buyer expressing interest in completing the purchase. I am hoping for today.

Wed is dinner with Dad night for the boys, leaving DD and myself. Knowing that temps are supposed to brush 90, and we are without air conditioning, I have planned ahead. We will have turkey breast sandwiches with choice of condiments, assorted cheeses, lettuce, tomato on a choice of bread/1 roll to fight over; I have made a batch of apple herbal tea (we've really depleated out supplies, so apple it is!); I've made a batch of my maraconi salad, substituting homemade picallili relish for the missing celery and fresh peppers, using the rest of my champagne vinegar(the reason this is a big beige in color) mixed with apple cider vinegar to equal the amount needed in the recipe. It's marinating away until supper.

Here is my supper plate with the addition of cornishons on the side, a sliced tomato/spicy mustard/mayo turkey breast sandwich on the last roll.


meme said...

Hi - you may have already said this and I just forgot - but do you have central A/C in your new condo?

CTMOM said...

Meme, yes central air, gas heat and hot water, a gas fireplace. Very upper scale. : )

thyme2save said...

Our central air has been on steadily since April 24. Memphis HOT.