Sunday, May 15, 2016

Trying to get it all done with lists and deadlines


Multiple demands have kept me busy. A punch list of to do items is prepared nightly for the next day, my multiple calendars help keep things straight as I need visual reminders.

Cooking these past few days: Chinese take out Fri for 2, burgers/salad/l/o mixed veggies last night. I find that having planned overs or leftovers is helping greatly.

Daily maintenance chores such as cleaning, laundry continue to be taken care of.

I continue to declutter, trying to sell off what we will not take to the condo. I listed what I suspect are the last to go items, last night, unless I unearth anything else that we no longer will need/want. I will give myself a deadline date, whatever doesn't sell by then will be donated.

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