Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday: rooting through the kitchen freezer

 Tonight is spaghetti night, using one of my packages of Italian sausage from the freezer
 as well as various tubs of leftover sauce, including a large one with chicken cacciatore sauce, so tonight's sauce is a sausage-chicken-vegetable sauce in wine.
 2 partial packages of spaghetti out of the pantry-weird, glad to use them up

 1/2 of a bag of fzn peas is a side dish
 3 fzn bananas are thawing for weekend baking
 a cooked and frozen, turkey breast is thawing for sandwiches
Ingredients for Friday night's supper: including fzn cheeses

and yet more Italian sausage. We're out of Pepperoni so I am planning on making sausage-onion pizza tomorrow. I also found a roll of pork bfst sausage; I'll cook that either Sat or Sun for bfst.

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