Thursday, May 5, 2016

Taco Thursday

 A simple supper tonight: 1 lb frozen 73 % (marked down) grnd beef, some homemade (no salt) taco seasoning mix, my last 2 cans of pintos, a can of corn, an 8 oz block of Colby-Jack cheese, 2 tomatoes, some CSA salsa, some Romaine, some DT flour tortillas. I set up a taco bar.

After browning the meat, I added some water, the seasoning, and the rinsed and drained contents of the 2 cans of pintos.

I am going for the reduced salt and fat version tonight, no cheese.
Some no salt corn joins the plate. These were good for a change of pace.

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Belinda said...

Love Tacos. I have them on the menu for this weekend.