Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday supper: keeping it simple


Sunday supper for 2 tonight, just the girls. DD is over @ Dad's for the day, working on a Father's Day gift of her time to him, to help clear out the clutter. This is the only weekend she is available.

Supper tonight will be burgers, Mom's potato-egg salad, lots of cold tea/lemonade.

Here's the prepared salad, finished as of 10 a.m. With this heat, I cook in the early part of the day, allowing the flavors to blend.
No scallions, but I did have some scallions that I am rerooting, I used those.  (click on this link for my Mom's potatoe salad recipe)

I've mixed up a double batch of Jello, using reserved juice drained off of canned fruit earlier in the week, substituting the juice for the water, later adding some crushed pineapple.

 I will top this with some freshly whipped, sweetened cream.

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