Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sunday: sausage and onion pizza

 Pushed from Friday's menu, sausage already defrosted, so I made pizza on Sunday, again turning to my Kitchenaid to mix a double batch of dough, and again using the microwave for a proofing box.
 Leftover, shredded Mozzarella from earlier in the week, a bag of fzn Italian cheese.
 Home canned tomato sauce was used for the sauce base, hand grated Parmesan, then the aforementioned cheeses, sausage, sliced onion
Fresh out of the oven.

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meme said...

Your pizzas definitely looked better than store bought - and I bet they taste a lot better too! It must feel very nice to get those items out of the cabinets/freezer so you don't have to move them!