Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stock taking

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I am slowing moving what I call "smalls" over to the condo. The more I move myslef, the less I pay the movers. I have a lot of cabinets in the condo, which has 9 ft ceilings-so tall, that I had to order a sturdy step stool/ladder in order to access the taller cabinets. As I am stocking the cabinets with drygoods (also have a utility room with wire shelves that I am using for extras), I am reconfiguring how I organize, compared to here where I have a coffee/tea cabinet, a small pantry cabinet for open dry goods. I have a spice cabinet for savory spices, plan on setting up a baking supplies cabinet (an upper one as I don't use it daily), and a large pantry cabinet with 4 tall and deep shelves. I have dried beans/proteins on one shelf, what I'll call "sides": pasta, canned veggies, instant potato flakes, sauce and soup flavorings mixes (think CP sauces, skillet sauces, Lipton soup (aka "the forbidden zone" for this "you are supposed to be on a low salt diet" lady)-we are using it up! etc on another, the upper one will house cereals, the lower one: tbd. I also have a large, lower cabinet with a lazy susan-that is housing things like oil, vinegars, flour canisters, tea etc. It's huge. : )

A big take away as I set the kitchen up, keeping my shrinking income in mind, is that I still DO have quite a bit to work with. I anticipate revamping my menu planning to incorporate more vegetarian based meals, more soup meals (as we enter Summer!-right)to keep my grocery bill low this Summer, as expenses settle.

I have been actively using whatever we can up, including cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, personal care items. Other than some upcoming needed personal care items, I can hold off of cleaning/laundry supplies for a while. Taxables eat up a budget very quickly. I also combined several open duplicates, into one bottle/jar, saving  space in the process. I discovered that I have a lot of (mostly salt free) seasoning blends (so gifted to me) such as several varieties of Mrs Dash. I wish to pare these down, as with all aspects of my possessions.

Summer is always a tough time for me financially. Child support ends this month. I get paid thru 6/30 then will not have income until 9/15. I will receive severance thru 2/28/17. Then I can formally retire (getting about 48% of my current salary).

Meanwhile, I will move, get some applications out, pursue some alternative income sources. We're in awesome shape until March 1, BUT I am a planner, and hope to vent myself in a new career/field, hopefully starting in July.

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mikemax said...

One of the advantages of moving your "smalls"--or any kitchen-related item--in advance is that you can have your kitchen set up by the time you move, or with much less effort when you do move.

As for soup in summer, a friend just returned from hot, humid India, where they were served hot soup every single day. And loved every drop of it!