Sunday, May 29, 2016

Starting to move


Horribly hot, humid weather, but I am working around it. Yesterday, I spent the morning loading my car with what I call "smalls" such as bags of pantry items and extra personal care items, lamps, rugs, folding chairs, clothing, extra linens etc. These are things that I choose to move myself, vs paying the movers. DD and I had supper, then we added more items to her car, and drove over to the condo. Once everything was in, and the central A/C on, we set to storing what we delivered, quickly discovering that while the LL cleaned the unit, the drawers, cupboards were NOT cleaned, so items were left out on counters, I plan on returning today, cleaning the aforementioned and storing what we delivered yesterday, what I plan on delivering today.

I also set up the few items I bought for the condo: shower curtains and rings, bath and kitchen rugs. One rug is being returned, as I discovered a blue bath rug in DD's room that we had forgotten about. Nice.

We also discovered several freebies: multiple rolls of toilet paper, pump soaps, Kleenex, an almost new huge jug of Kirkland laundry detergent. Additionally, we unearthed the "missing" ceiling lamp over the hall bath shower's plastic dome cover. Former tenant had stored it in a bathroom sink cabinet. During the walk through, the LL commented, "I have no idea where that is."  So yes, while the appliances (interior of oven needs help, however) were cleaned along with the bath fixtures, all floors, there is visible dirt/debris/residue etc in cabinets. So I plan on cleaning in A/C later today, returning home for supper, another drive over perhaps. It's literally a 15 minute drive from here and so centrally located, we are very much looking forward to the final move.


CT Bargain Mom said...

When I worked in westchester county and was living in the greater Danbury area a movining every year was a pit of a pain....but there was also the excitement of new digs and the thrill of purging belongings that were no longer's a weird kind of feeling.
At least when you clean the kitchen it will be done to your liking - even though its do one else's dirt.
And having AC is such a blessing!

Precious People Preschool said...

I am so happy for you. a :) Really glad you found all that stuff in the cupboards.
That is a blessing. When we moved to our rented condo from a house I wish would of brought an additional frig/freezer or freezer. That way I could have done stock
up shopping. The longer I stay out of the store the the better for my budget. Hope you love your new place.