Saturday, May 28, 2016

Raising cash

Once again,  we received state surveys, this time for other members of the family. $4 towards moving expenses, for which I have created a word document, and I am logging/tracking expenses as we move.

I started with 6 window A/C units to unload. A few sold, but the rest languished. As I expected, once hot weather came, they flew out of here. People just don't seem to plan! Now, I am reading multiple "ISO" posts on local Facebook tagsale sites. Glad to have sold mine, getting exactly, of not more than what I paid for the 4 used ones I bought last Summer, which softens the financial blow of having to sell the one I bought new at the former rental, but we couldn't use it here, as the windows are smaller.

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meme said...

That is awesome you sold all six! I see people doing the "ISO" too on our tag sale sites for an a/c.