Sunday, May 8, 2016

Preparing for a move


Once the decision was made to move, and the next lease signed, preparations for the move began in earnest. They were several items listed on a "to do" list so as to ease the transition from one home to another:

1-alert the current landlord and discuss moving out, how to proceed (esp. as we are technically leaving 1 month early). LL's response was that I am responsible for mowing and the rent for July UNLESS the home is rented for July. Fair enough. Meanwhile, I have advertised on social media, with the LL's blessing, shown the home a few times.
2-send via return receipt, the current rent check with a letter enclosed (called a demand letter) with our next address
3-get rid of (sell/donate/recycle/trash) whatever we no longer want to take with us
4-amass funds to cover moving expenses (approx $3500 to date)
5-reread the current lease, refreshing in my mind as to what my legal responsibilities are. This is important. As much as the current LL has been fantastic, especially compared to our former one, recent correspondance that was sent well intentioned by the LL, was a punch list of items that she expects upon our departure (ie: full tank of oil, chimney swept, her belongings to remain here, etc). One she added, yet NOT included in the lease (and I KNOW we discussed it) is that she expects the front flower beds (in desperate need of mulch) to be weeded, trimmed. I am ONLY responsible for lawn mowing. .No yard maintenance. I'll discuss this with her in person. Meanwhile, it literally just rained for one solid week, the ground under what little mulch remains,  is soft.  I have no issue pulling a few large weeds in the front bed but we won't go crazy. She also wrote "no marks on walls": weekly, I am found using a Magic eraser here and there, should I see something. There are dings on the corners of the walls where entrances are, from people/things brushing up against them . I call that "normal wear and tear,"
6-Hire the services of a local handyman to remove all wall hangings, shelves, curtain hardware as well as flag bracket and my clothesline that we had installed. This is part of my moving expenses. With my hands and shoulders, this isn't happening by me. I gladly pay for this. Nail holes were spackled, as required.  I am not required to repaint. The LL has l/o paint down cellar and would need to spend perhaps 30 minutes tops, if desired, to cover up the white spackle. This same handyman will be reinstalling items at the condo.
7-Engage the services of additional service personel: chimney sweep, cleaning service, rug cleaner (pick up here and clean, deliver when done at condo), oil tank top off etc.
8-Get quotes from moving companies, set a moving date. There is a prospective tenant that already lives in town, looking to move June 1, if not the 15th. In recent correspondance with her, I told her that IF the LL agrees to me breaking the lease for June 15, obliging me to only 1/2 of June's rent, then I could be out the 14th, turning the home over to the new family for the 15th. I indicated that I will speak with the LL on this soon. (she will be traveling back to the area this week, expects to connect with me next weekend or so). If the LL is firm that I am obliged for all of June, then we will take our time vacating after having our belongings moved out, turning over the home for the end of June.
9-make a list of family/friends/MD's/companies etc that will need to know of our change of address; fill out a change of address form thru the post office. Go in and get a "kit" vs doing it on line will cost nothing. I believe it's $1/person if done on line. No thanks.
10-acquire free moving supplies if at all possible. My next monthly cleaning service appointment is May 18th,we  start packing after that.
11-acquire what few things we will need for the new home: I replaced my dinette set with a round table, due to the configuration of the eat in area of the condo's kitchen; some bath rugs, a outside door mat, a set of insulating drapes for the sliders in the LR to the patio, a memory foam mat for in front of the kitchen sink, 1 shower curtain. Really not much. I took advantage of sales, promos. Once we are settled in, there may be more, such as I am contemplating a flat screen TV for my room, delegating the remaining "big butt" tv to the den down cellar for gaming. We'll see.
12-stop buying excess groceries, eat down the stores in the pantry/freezer/cupboards/refrigerator (esp condiments!). This has been a 2 fold win-win as we use up forbidden to me foods, and save $ to put towards medical debt as well as moving expenses.

What am I missing? Thoughts?


Kathy said...

Wow great job!
The only thing I can think of is renter's insurance...
Hope you are healing well. Wishing you the best in your new home.

CTMOM said...

Yup, got my quote, just waiting until it's closer to June before I pay for it. : )

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Wish I were closer so I could donate DGD's moving boxes to you. I don't think she has emptied them all quite yet, as she worked quite a few hours last week. DD went and helped her one day and emptied 12 boxes of books for sure!

I think you have things quite organized. We moved so many times when husband was in the military---and have now been here since 1978. Not as wonderful as it sounds--our last few trips into the attic convinced us that it's necessary to take stuff OUT as well as put it IN.
I've been sorting boxes of old tax records for a couple weeks, as much of it needs shredding. It's been a workout for our small shredder but we've made bags and bags of confetti. Was wondering if I could use any of it for mulch? Should have thought of it sooner as it goes to recycling tomorrow.