Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Plan B cooking

The weather is downright topical! no way am I sticking with the original plan of Crock pot 2 bean chilli. Yesterday, I transferred some frozen foods to the condo, and rediscovered some leftover, cooked beef in the kitchen freezer. This is what's on our dinner menu tonight:

 2 smallish blocks of chuck pot roast, still frozen, leftover from 2 separate dinners. I had thought of making stew with them, just not now!
A pouch of CP simmering sauce is providing the flavoring to transform the aforementioned beef into a ropa vieja type taco filling. I am adding some rinsed, low sodium black beans, getting 1 of the 4 cans of beans off the shelf, and stretching the meat fillings. I won't add the beans until later as I will need to shred the beef once it's thawed.

 The meat cooked much faster than I anticipated, even though I placed it in the CP while completely frozen! I've shredded it and added the black beans. It seems dry.
 A pint of my homecanned salsa to the rescue, along with a bit of water as it's only 10:30, we supper at 7 p.m.

The completed filling, looks good.

We will use soft flour tortillas, Romaine, fresh tomato, shredded cheese as toppers. Pineapple-orange Jello w/ whipped cream for dessert. Lots of iced, apple cinnamon herbal tea.

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