Sunday, May 1, 2016

Depleating supplies

 Stock pile is depeating, not much meat protein will be on hand, come the end of June-exactly as planned. I HAD hoped to unplug the freezer by now. We trudge on.
Once again, I've moved more into the pantry from the cabinet. My tomatoes, for instance, fill half of the "vegetables" shelf.

Slimmer and slimmer pickings, however, in the canned vegetable dept: again, we're on point as far as that goal is concerned. I've planned my May monthly dinner menus around what is on hand. We're eating it, so as not to have to move it.


Lili said...

Good planning, Carol. It's better to eat this all now, than to have to move it later. Any repetition in menu, such as with all of the canned tomatoes, will soon be forgotten, once you're all set in your new place.

thyme2save said...

Wonderful planning you have done, and planning is invaluable for the thrifty. Is your healing continuing?