Thursday, May 19, 2016

Personal day off of work: just getting it done

 Ran around on Wed; stopped over at an on-line/in real life friend and grabbed a free Atlas for the city we;re moving to. It's old, but while streets may have been added, I doubt that they were taken away-that's yesterday's freebie.

Landscapper was over and took care of the front beds for me. Done. Emailed photos of the current LL, everyone's happy. Also returned an extra refrigerator water filter, netting $39.98 towards moving expenses,if not paint. I also confirmed that I can use Lowe's 10% off coupons there, when it's time for buying paint and supplies. Today, I heard that there will be a rebate available over Memorial Day weekend, so worth waiting.
Sold 2 tables last night, netting $45. Only big item left is my Formica dining set and folding chairs. I hope to unload that soon.

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