Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The LL  left the Living room drapes for our use, hung from the above rod, which was never properly installed (I mentioned this earlier on in my tenancy, LL refused to hire a handyman "just to fix a curtain rod, so I had a handyman add a screw into the existing anchor in the sheetrock). There are 8 panels hung on  this thinner rod, part of the reason, I suspect, as to why it pulls away from the wall. Special needs boy moved the curtains one day, and once again (it's happened 4 times?) one end of the rod came out (the 2 rods are precariously held together in the middle-seriously should be duct taped) and the rod crashed onto the floor, this time, cracking the "ceramic" finial. Sigh.

 DX agreed to superglue it together;I checked, these are no longer made. We'll reinstall the drapes and rod, turning the repair side to the back, where it won't be seen. This a gray area for me, I am struggling with this. Ll has been great for the most part (recent "disappointment: the condition of her front beds which needed mulch for 2 years were addressed by my wallet as a peace keeping measure, but it is NOT in the lease that I am obligated to do so.

My moving out inspection is the 13th, I am a bit anxious about it. I've followed all written agreements of the lease, but am leary that she is not expecting any normal wear/tear and we HAVE kept the home in awesome, clean state. I'll be glad when this is over.


Mary Lou said...

I wouldn't worry about it and if it's noticed remind her "nicely" of the mulch situation.

Good luck with your inspection and the move!

Kathy said...

Goodluck with the inspection. Do hope you get your deposit back.
Sounds like she already knows about the rod, but wasn't willing to pay a handyman to fix it. I wouldn't stress too much about it.

TrayceeBee said...

I agree...don't stress about it! You have already gone out of your way to keep the peace and I seriously doubt she will notice the crack anyway. Personally I think you could consider it "normal wear and tear" since you did address it with her long ago and she refused to have someone come in to fix it. Besides, I am willing to bet that your output for the mulch was much more expensive than the cost of a new rod/finials.
Good luck with the inspection! From how diligent you seem to be with upkeep, I am confident you will get your deposit back!

Precious People Preschool said...

I hope you are getting lots done. I had a LL that I thought might cheep out on the deposit. I had a friend do the walk through with me. I had printed out a sheet
that listed things that were already damaged when I moved in I had LL initial
each area and say something like property in good condition no damage and got
their sig and date. It was not the norm but I got my whole deposit back. We did some online searches and came up with something.
Try not to worry:)