Sunday, May 15, 2016

June: a transition month in many ways


We have some big changes ahead next month: moving to the city, downsizing (not that it was ever very grandiose), graduations, Summer employments,  etc. We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities that will come with changes. I've tried to plan as best I could, and will be finalizing our moving plans tomorrow via phone. I have a few dates in mind, as well as a date for Salvation Army (or other donation services that will pickup without charging) for possible furnishings (I have a small car) that may not sell by the end of May. I will attempt to schedule that as well tomorrow.

So, we wrap things up, I am keeping a list of to do's, striking the items off daily as I prepare.

Meanwhile, I've inventoried perishables on hand and have come up with a partial menu, just covering the first 2 weeks of June:

2-fried (fzn) ham, canned baked beans, coleslaw
5-beef roast (fzn) in golden mush soup and Fr onion soup, mashed potatoes, carrots w/ fzn brussels sprouts
6-planned overs: CP beef stew
7-CP hambone with dried pintos over l/o fzn rice
9-hotdogs (fzn) and buns(fzn), pork beans (fzn)
10-take out pizza: we move either the 10th or 11th, depending upon mover's availability

I hope to hear back from my current LL, who was scheduled to meet with a prospective tenant today. Dependng upon who she chooses (she saw someone else yesterday, I don't think it was the other party that I showed the rental to, I am assuming it's someone she knows or a relative of someone as she didn't ask to set up a showing). My understanding is that the person yesterday is looking for July 1 tenancy but either he/she or the family who already communicated to me that they would like June 1 if not the 15th asked the LL to inquire about my flexability. I spoke with the LL yesterday, stating that I could be out as soon as for the 15th. Meanwhile, I continue with my own plans. If we are out the 10th/11th, there will be ample time to either do a final clean ourselves or to get my cleaning service in. We continue to keep the home very clean to ease the process.

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