Thursday, May 26, 2016

Here's a nifty trick

Yesterday, I called my mail order RX company, refilled a maintenance medication and also inquired about NOT getting child proof caps, which are hard for me to open, due to my hands. The customer service representative explained that all I need to do is push the center, quarter sized center of the cap and it will release the child proof portion, leaving me the easy open cap. Since it's mail order, they are required to only ship in child proof caps. I did have to use both hands, due to my limitations, to pop the center down, but ultimately was able to. Good tip!


Crystal Hankey said...

Thanks for the tip. I fight with my caps from Cigna all the time.

nemuineko said...

Thank you for that information! I don't have arthritis in my hands (only my knees), but with all the medication I need to take, not having to worry about the caps is going to be wonderful!

I'll probably leave some childproof for travel to visit my relatives with small children, though. Taking those caps off of the old bottles before I recycle them.