Thursday, May 12, 2016

Getting quotes


Got 2 additional referrals for moving companies; saw one last night, 2 today for quotes. All 3 commented on how impressed they were at my level of preparedness.

Quote # 1: 5 men/8 hrs (took about 4 when I moved here with more stuff than I am moving this time)
$150 materials fee, $250 truck fee=$2400

Quote # 2 I should receive tomorrow.  UPDATE: $1749. Guess I'm going with the company I used last time.

Quote # 3: $1000, , using a flat bed (no charge) and a box truck. He stated no tax. Makes me go, "Hmmmm."

So I await quote # 2, the same company I used last time.

LL is supposed to return to the area  this weekend, meet the prospective tenant family, stop by here. Family would like to move June 1, if not the 15th. My lease is until July 31, but I intend to vacate by June 30th. If the LL agrees, I can be out by the 14th (towards the end of my exam week) BUT only if she agrees to accepting just 1/2 of the June rent from me, as the new tenant family would pay for the second 1/2 of June. If she declines, I'll not rush to be out completely (aka finish cleaning myself)come the end of June.


meme said...

Maybe, hopefully, quote number 2 will give you a "repeat customer discount" since you used them before....

Anne in the kitchen said...

Glad you have an opportunity for a move and a new place, but I absolutely do not envy the moving process. Hope the next bid is better.

Crystal Hankey said...

Yep. When I saw flat bed truck I imagined all your belongings scattered across the road. Guess I'm just a worry wart. I tend to go with gut feelings when I make decisions like this and sometimes a "deal" isn't what you want or need. lol.
Sounds like you are ready to move. Our last move we sold our house and the new people wanted to move in 3 weeks later. We did it but wow, would not recommend it. We were getting more than we listed the house for so that was a motivator.
Take care and have an awesome week.