Saturday, May 21, 2016

Found $

I found $15 in a drawer . .more towards the moving fund.


I heard about this deal so I waited  a few days before ordering. I am having it shipped to my local store for free @ $65.96/2 gallons. Less a 10% (moving promo) coupon from Lowe's (I confirmed that they accept them as long as they are in date), less my $39.98 rebate from the returned fridge water filter, less $10/rebate per gallon, this paint, with tax, should come to $3.16. I do have to pay DX $50 for his painting services and I do have to pick up some additional supplies, but this should be a cheaply done project (especially as it's for a rental condo!).  Nice!


meme said...

nice on the found money! last week I discovered four dollars in the back of my desk drawer that I forgot about.

I love your pasta bake for lunch - I do that all the time

Kathy said...

Great deal on the paint!
Your pasta bake looks delicious!

Anne in the kitchen said...

Super paint deal! And don't you love "found" money!