Monday, May 30, 2016

Cleaning the condo, finding some things


As planned, yesterday found me back at the condo, to clean the inside of cabinets and closets. In the process, I discovered:

-replacement lightbulbs
-replacement 9 volt batteries (former tenant took down all of the fire alarms?)
-the "missing and I have no idea where they are" says the LL,  2 plastic dome light fixture covers that go in the master and hall bath showers (I assume that the bulbs needed replacing, and whomever just chucked the light domes under the sinks)
-a new in package box of Zicam
-multiple rolls of toilet paper
-that the washing machine was gross (A man lived there alone after the GF moved out) and required me to clean it before I'd consider using it. Now is clean.

While cleaning, I also noted:

-one of the Master bathroom sinks drains slowly as the lift rod is broken. I will ask for this to be repaired
-the hall bath only has one towel bar next to the shower, there is none located near either of the double sinks. I will ask that one be installed either over the toilet, to the right of the sinks, if not on the wooden cabinet to the left of the sinks. Weird.
-one of the guest bedrooms doesn't have a ceiling fan, there is evidence that there once was one. The second guest bedroom has one, but only the light feature works, not the fan. I suspect that the fan broke, they are only keeping it as a ceiling light.  I do have one in the Master bedroom, it clearly was a replacement. I will ask for confirmation that the fan is broken otherwise.
-the drawcord for the cellular shade in one of the guest bedrooms is broken off. I will ask DX to retie it on (my OT issues) and alert the LL of it's condition, stating that we will attempt to retie it.

It is also essential that I get a sturdy, heavy duty step stool/ladder. With 9 foot ceilngs and tall cabinets, I can't reach into the top cabinets. I was able to order one one line through Home Depot, shipping to store to avoid extra charges. $28.69 out the door. It'll arrive within a week.


Belinda said...

Could be that the dome light fixture covers are hard to put back on. The ones we have here are held on my screws in a circle and they don't always go back on easily. We sometimes have left them off in a time crunch.

Sounds like you are moving right along. :)

meme said...

I hope the condo office will replace the broken ceiling fans with new ones - I have ceiling fans in all bedrooms, living room and kitchen. They really make a difference.