Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another work expense crept up


Years back, we had a sign up, weekly rotation of TGIF social hours on Friday afternoons, hosted by different departments, Things morphed into breakfast socials, luncheon ones, some afterwork ones, eventually ending up being once a month. People are just busy, have families/kids to consider, second jobs, grad school, etc. Enter an after work meeting obligation that's dreaded, and one dept offered to do their TGIF at the meeting, thereby making it somewhat more pleasant
Fast forward and a co-worker has chatted up our Dept hosting the next, upcoming after work meeting for refreshments. Last time we did this, a LOT of work went into it, and people grabbed food, and left and basically, the meeting was cancelled and we were "given" the time to work on our end of year evaluation reports. Sigh. People in my dept felt burnt on that deal. Had we known ahead of time, we would not have prepped as we did, if at all. Many left the building after the announcement..

So, when the colleague e-mailed the dept members, I said, "Sure, let's keep it simple." Another co-worker sent a list of suggested items. I am keeping it simple, doing something I normally don't do: I signed up for the paper goods. A trip to Dollar Tree, and I will be DONE. $10 budget.  I really don't have the time to cook/bake, especially with the aforementioned end of year reports, that normally take up 2 weekends of my time. Nor do I relish the very strong possibility that we'll have a repeat of last year.

4, 40 count pkgs plates and 4, 48 ct pkgs of forks. $7.44 of my $10 budget. Done.

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Lee Ann said...

We have periodic days during the year where everyone brings something to eat. Usually about 40 people attend. What I don't like is the same people will be the first to sign up for the easiest and cheapest items to bring never giving anyone else the opportunity to do so. I would make a dip but in the long run it was expensive.