Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A special supper

 I had bought 2 bags of these frozen mushroom truffle ravioli @ Aldi's a while back, preparing them for the first time last night.
A hectic week, and an unexpected but now resolved (thankfully I had a personal day I could use today) family emergency meant more stress than usual and running out of milk since the weekend. I had planned on buying some, along with gas yesterday, as I usually do on Tuesday's when I am in the city, but that simply couldn't happen. What kind of a sauce to serve over the ravioli? The bag suggested a sage butter or Parmesan sauce. I mixed a quick white sauce using instant milk, adding a generous amount of Gouda Parrano, along with some freshly grated nutmeg. Delicious! Steamed carrots with fzn peas accompanied.

There were no leftovers . . .'nough said!


Anne in the kitchen said...

Thank you for this post. I have seen those ravioli at Aldi, been curious about then but never bought any. Now that I know they are tasty I will buy a bag.

nemuineko said...

Glad everything resolved itself!

Dinner looks great! I love it when a random sauce turns out well. There have been plenty of meals in my house that turn into something to add to the rotation that started as a quick pulled together sauce or soup. Too bad there are are more that turned out as something we never speak of again!

meme said...

I hope everything is okay in your family !!

Kathy said...

Will have to check out aldi. The truffle ravioli looks good. Glad the family emergency turned out ok.
Hope you have a great weekend.