Sunday, May 8, 2016

A slow sale week, moving to donation


Only 2 sales this week through Facebook, but considering I took 1 1/2 days of personal time to deal with life emergencies, I'm OK with this as well as $25 richer for my efforts.

Phase 2 is now in operation: donation. I have have had a growing pile in the corner, down cellar. I am lucky to be close to a GW donation center. While not necessarily my charity of choice, I am decluttering and hopefully blessing someone else with what we no longer need. Most of the items being dropped off were initially offered for sale, with no takers, they are moving OUT. I filled my car yesterday, dropped off, only to return home and mostly fill the car again. I intend to drop off again today, as I make my way over to the local hardware store.


Mary Lou said...

I don't live close to one of those facilities so I generally donate to the Vietnam Veterans since they pick up at your house and I don't have to load and unload the car. We are trying to declutter since we would like to downsize and I have several boxes to move on out.

kelley said...

I've been decluttering since moving into Mom's house nearly 3 years ago...I give to my church for their rummage sale...many churches will accept things "out of sale season" to keep for future sales...doesn't it feel great to have stuff gone!