Sunday, April 17, 2016

What's old is new again, or something like that!

 I received this small, wooden chopping board from one of my brother's as a Christmas gift, years ago. I only have ever used the bottom side, as the top has a well in the wood for cutting with a thick handled, Ulu knife Even with my OT issues, I like and can still use, a normal Chef's knife. The board, alas, despite care, is splitting where the different types of wood were glued together, creating an uneven surface. I have just been using the flatter 1/2, greatly reducing the available work surface area, and it is small to start out with.
As I declutter, I came across what I'm calling "the camping box"-a tub filled with kitchenware back in our Scouting and camping days. Sure enough, I found a cutting board (it also has a small split, but nothing like my old one), freshly cleaned it, and it has officially replaced my old one, which I will let rot out in the woods (if it was Winter, I'd be burning it). I'm not crazy about the round shape, but this will do very nicely, thank you. Love the price point, too.

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Busy Bee said...

Already paid for is hard to beat. :-)

I killed my food processor, but I had been hoarding an attachment for the mixer for years. I hadn't used it because someone said it "might" kill the mixer. Mixer has outlasted three food processors. Decided to use what I had -- jokes on me because it does a better job. :-)