Saturday, April 30, 2016

What's been cooking?

A crazy week around here, just plain BUSY! Toss in a house guest last weekend, and again this weekend, I focus on just getting what I need to done for the day.

Meals have been pushed around, substitutions called in as needed. Mon's Salmon was moved to Tues as a last minute request meant dinner for one, not 4 as originally planned, with fish thawing in the fridge. I ended up poaching it, planning on making Salmon cakes with the flaked fish. Tues's pork burgers experiment was scrapped as the meat smelled "off" once the package was opened. Sloppy joes, oven fries (homemade) and fzn veggies were called into play. Wed was dinner for one, leftover night, I  think* I had a sloppy joe). Thursday:

franks (previously frozen) were served on buns (previously frozen) with choice of assorted condiments. Frozen, homemade baked beans accompanied.

Friday, a guest arrived for the weekend, I bought pizza. Salmon cakes and beans are on the menu tonght for whomever wishes to partake.  Guest isn't a fish fan, so leftover pizza was suggested.

Every few days, I have been making a fresh pot of plain, herbal tea, we are using what we have, avoiding sugar (if I was offering generic "Koolaid").  Stores on hand are depeating, we march towards our moving date and goals.

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