Saturday, April 23, 2016

What's been cooking?

 Fish on Monday: bread crumb topped, tuna casserole, using the last can of cr of mushroom soup (really have eliminated/used up the bulk of the now prohibited foods for me, that were on hand)

of t salad with choice of dressing, using last of the tomatoes. Rest of the week found simple, green salads on the side

Planned over Tuesday: stroganoff, with a side of beets

Wed was just DD and I, so I used up the remaining frozen, battered fish fillets and served fish sandwiches on potato rolls, with tartar sauce.Side of pork beans-used the last can of those as well.

Thursday found me cooking several things ahead. The first is a chicken theme.

I took out a pkg of BSCB

marinated them in a blend of the remaining sauce from the fridge plus some from a new bottle.

This meat will become sandwich fillings/salad toppers.

A definate oven meal that night: fzn green beans accompanied homemade, oven fries and some herb seasoned (salt free) chicken drums

Friday was a birthday celebration for DS # 1. He chose Chinese take out. With additional guests, we were 7 for dinner. Expensive, but far cheaper than a restaurant meal, which I gladly would have paid for.

 Yet another work obligation: out last co-worker birthday celebration of the year. I signed up for tuna salad, as I had the ingredients on hand.
 I made this large tub full of tuna salad, later bringing about 1/2 home.

Saturday supper for one: a plate of assorted, Chinese take out leftovers. Shh! don't tell my Dr, who wants me to avoid salt. I'm drinking a ton of water to compensate.


young77 said...

Carol, You are such a good example I am wondering if any of your co-workers pick-up on your sensible and frugal approach to this company events? Over the many years I worked we were always being asked to give, give, give. Shirley

meme said...

All your meals look delicious - as always, and Happy Birthday to DS1 !

CTMOM said...

Shirley, of the dept members, I seem to be the only one to vary what I bring. Certainn co-workers always bring the same ole same ole. Boring, IMHO. D makes guac, L brings cheese n crackers, V brings soda, J makes brownies, M buys deli ck salad and imported Prochiutto. It is what it is. I choose to bring an entree type dish as I am limited in what I should eat. I contribute, based upon my means. No worries, we eat the leftovers I bring home. : )

young77 said...

Bringing home leftovers is the best! Shirley

Marcia in rural WNY said...

You are about to get superfast at making a white sauce---that has been my substitute for soup in recipes since I was diagnosed at age 27 (46 years ago!) I might have mentioned before, but while I melt the butter and measure out the flour, I pre-heat the milk in the microwave to just about boiling. Then when I add the milk, the sauce is back to boiling in a minute or two, and I stand there and whisk it the whole time. This saves a good 5-7 minutes over starting with cold milk, or even room temperature. Of course if using powdered milk, you can add it to hot water to start with. I often season my sauce with some dried onion, black pepper (white if you have it) and either some paprika or Old Bay Seasoning. It works great in casseroles. I usually use 2 cups of milk for the average casserole (for two, with leftovers)and it works well.

I also use my Prego Heart Smart jarred sauce, and add a 15 oz can of unsalted diced tomatoes, a bit more Italian seasoning, and that makes enough for a good meal with leftovers as well. (We're big on leftovers.) Sometimes I do make my sauce entirely from scratch, but this year my tomatoes didn't do very well--we had enough to eat but very few extra to freeze for sauce.

Only other thing I can add---which I'm sure you would figure out quickly if you haven't already--is that other herbs and spices substitute quite nicely for salt, and I have a larger supply of them than ever before. I like Penzey's but don't always want to spend that much. If you watch their web site they often have deals for free shipping with a $10 or $20 order (usually it's $30 order) plus the coupons for free items help a lot also.

After 46 years, the only thing I sometimes want salt on is gravy. I like salt MUCH less than I used to but will occasionally indulge. Just like other things that are forbidden--if totally out of the diet, you will crave them more. So once in a while I have a multigrain tortilla chip with salt. Without, if I can find them. Companies are actually reducing sodium contents, but there is a long, long, way to go.

meme said...

We had Chinese take out on Friday night (choosing two inexpensive combo plates for my husband and I - "only" twelve dollars for both). Saturday morning I had pretty intense swelling in my knees from my RA. Since I limit salt too, I am wondering if all that salty Chinese had something to do with it. I drank lots (and lots) of water yesterday and noticed much less swelling this morning.

I think my days of Chinese take out as a treat are over! We rarely have it - maybe twice a year. My husband makes a very good low salt Chinese/vegetable fried rice at home.