Sunday, April 17, 2016

What's been cooking?

Boys are here this weekend and a late afternoon appointment on Friday translated into take out pizza. Leftovers have served as lunches.

A frozen, homemade Florentine lasagna was served to the kids (I don't eat lasagna)  on Sat. Leftovers offered up for lunches. The boys are off on vacation/break from school just as I will be returning to work tomorrow. Having extras on hand such as the aforementioned lasagna and pizza, will make for an easy heat & eat lunch for them.

 I managed to bake some cookies yesterday, after finding some "break and bake" cookies on marked down at Aldi's. Cranberry-oat-nut are pictured here. The boys won't touch these, but DD and I like this kind of cookies.

I also made some Snickerdoodles for the boys, again another marked down item.

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