Sunday, April 3, 2016

What's been cooking?

 Surgey on Wed went well, I only took 1 pain pill since coming home. PT starts tomorrow, I anticipate that this will change. DD has been on KP duty, simple meals, taking advantage of some easy to prep items I've had on hand. The first meal I made was the turkey and tomato sandwich above; I think that was Fri.
Sunday supper is continuing to get items out of storage, especiallly saltier items I must avoid/eliminate. Tonight's supper will be 8 baked (marked down) chicken thighs that I froze, seasoned with some organic, sesame marinade (a crash n burn item). Sides will be buttered Basmatti rice, fzn wax/green beans.


TrayceeBee said...

Happy to hear the surgery went well! Good luck with your upcoming PT.

Kathy said...

So glad your surgery went well! Hope you have a quick recovery!