Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trying this out for size, repurposing

 After returning to the condo and taking measurements, I confirmed that the Den couch is to be sold. I shuffled some furniture around and told the kids that we are trying this out for the Den in the condo. Since I've stuck with neutrals/earth tones in most of my purchases post divorce, everything mixes/matches nicely.
 As I go through cabinets, closets and drawers, I unearth some things, including this photo album, with handly any photos in it, it's not acid free paper and worse, it had vinyl (I am sure it's NOT photo friendly!) coverings over the photos. I removed the filler, paperboard and vinyl sleeves, recyled the paperboard, trashed the vinyl. I then thought about trashing/recyling the binder but had an AHAH! moment:
For many years, I have keep my accounting books in a 1/2 inch, also repurposed binder. I find that binder to be too small, especially if I have multiple sheets for accounting for multiple goals. Why throw this out (I DO love the fleur-de-lis!)? So instead, it's to become my next Household Accounts book. Perfect. Repurposed and no cost to me.

Pictured above is a stack of kitchen towel halves cut off of what I call hanging towels that had grown thin, stained or I simply never liked the construction of. I saved their buttons, trashed the knit tops. These bottoms will have their freshly cut edges sewn down to prevent fraying/tangling in the wash. Voila! New cleaning rags. These type really are my workhorses for cleaning.
Not to worry about the number of hanging towels I will repurpose, I still have plenty left, including my preferred, doubled over style-those are the best for hand drying at the kitchen sink.

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Busy Bee said...

Smart idea to try out your layout in advance. Saves a lot of work when you move.

I love your towel drawer. I really need to crochet some tops for some of mine. I'm constantly picking them up where someone goes passed and knocks them off.