Monday, April 11, 2016

Trade ya!

 I've done more shopping these past two weeks (mostly on line); it feels a bit like christmas: I have my list, I am working my way down it, getting needs/wants as affordably as possible. I've also had several exchanges/returns.  Pictured above is a new, Vera Bradley tote bag that I bought through a local Facebook tagsale site for $30. It is much more my colors than the teal colored one I had bought last Summer, and have been using as a work bag. Once I bought the black one, I posted my old one on several FB sites and as luck would have it, the person I bought the black one from
bought my teal one for $20! I think I originally paid $15 @ Goodwill. I view this as being out $10 towards clothing.

I also ordered some shorts for one of the boys, a screaming deal @ $15/pair from JCP. Turns out, he needs a slightly larger size. I had an appointment today, so was in the city (first day driving), and swung by JCP to exchange them. The shorts now are $38/ea BUT the clerk was able to honor my sale price. Great.

The drapes I bought at Christmas Tree shop on line were returned today as well, since I got some much nicer ones at JCP yesterday. I do need to stay on top of returns, otherwise, they get lost in the shuffle.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Love the Vera Bradley bag. I've been using them for two or three years now, but mine seem to wear out. Probably because of the habit I have of setting it on the floor of the car, or of wherever else I happen to be. I have mended the first one, the second one needs mending, and I have an unused one that I got on sale as my next bag. They aren't really as expensive as they seem, either, if you watch the sales and the outlets, etc. I bought each of my sisters one a year ago for Christmas, too. I love the colorfulness of them.