Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday supper: the last turkey breast

This week's Sunday supper features the last of my frozen turkey breasts. Planned overs: 1/2 of the turkey will be frozen for future lunches, a turkey salad will be prepared for sandwiches this week, the l/o beans will join a 3 bean salad for later in the week, broth will be frozen.

It's another Crock Pot Sunday, as last week was. Frees up my time, helps me to save electricity. Win-win situation. I simply seasoned it with some homemade "Mrs Dash"-salt free of course. : )

 At the last minute, I decided to make this pouch of instant potatoes, feeling that we didn't have enough carbs for the teen boys. Ended up a wise decision. : )
 I used up the dregs of a bag of traditional stuffing, blending in some other traditional Bell's stuffing.

A dinner plate.

 Like the space physically opening up within the house proper aka as regards furnishings, there is definite space or reduction in the food storage department. This visually reminds me of how far I've progressed in meeting my current, short term goals:

-raise cash for moving expenses
-pay off medical debt, by allocating 1/2 of my grocery funds to expenses
-eliminate higher salt food items
-reduce/eliminate pantry foods on hand
-reduce/eliminate frozen foods on hand

I estimate that we will be here 7 more weeks, before moving into the condo. In the meanwhile, we will continue to eat down what remains on hand, as possible. I have a quick stop at Aldi's planned for today, with a very short list.


Busy Bee said...

I love that the crock pot frees up time, too.

I am slowly using up things for rotation purposes. We plan on putting up some new shelving and I want to have as much cleared out before I start as I can.

CT Bargain Mom said...

Good thing saving time is saving $$. Could you post the home made Mrs dash again? It's gone up in price at BJs I want to cost compare....and we're almost out.

mikemax said...

I'm glad you ran a picture of the turkey breast. Is that what you call a "hotel" turkey breast--a term I've never heard anywhere else. I really like them--they are also excellent cooked by indirect heat on a Weber, but charcoal cooking is hardly thrifty.