Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday supper: baked chicken thighs

This was delicious. Used a larger pan, so the range oven was required, offering residual heat on a windy day.


Busy Bee said...

Yum! It has been cold in my area today and I finally gave up and turned the heat on. Even after cooking and doing some canning today, it was still too cold. I had hoped it was off for the season.

meme said...

Very cold and snowy for me on Sunday! I was also hoping turning the heat on was done for the season....not quite yet.

Anonymous said...

I came for a visit from Lilli's blog. Nice to meet you. I will enjoy reading some of your posts this evening. It looks like you are looking at condos and apartments, which is something DH and I have had our minds on for retirement (which is a ways off). So appealing, but making the numbers work is a little scary. Jen