Sunday, April 17, 2016

Some ME shopping

My efforts of late have been focusing on selling off whatever I can so as to raise some cash to cover our upcoming moving expenses. I am also donating items in the process. I created a list of need/wants for the condo and have fulfilled most of them.

I am also in the market for a new pair of black, leather sandals, perhaps another pair of Birks, my former pairs were trashed at the end of last Summer. I do have a pair of red leather sandals, but they are not going to last the season.

I tried Marshall's-no luck. But I did address this need:

Seems that everytime I put on a pair of my peds, there is yet another hole! I whip stitch them closed, before putting on my shoes. They are old, but will soon need replacing.

 6 more pairs of Peds for me @$9.98 plus tax
 I also grabbed a new set of slippers, on clearance for $6, and a non Teflon, no stick pan to replace my French Teflon coated omelette pan.
A set of long sleeve/pant Pj's. Too hot for my flannel nighties, yet too cool for my Summer sleeveless gowns. I have another PJ set and find them very comfortable. Another clearance item @ $20-retails @ $62.


meme said...

great deals today - I love your new slippers - I find that Laura Ashley is a good brand.

CTMOM said...

Meme-I am partial to fleur-de-lis!

Busy Bee said...

Great finds!

I have worn a hole in my favorite slippers. I'm knitting a pair, but I know I will have to look for a non-slip replacement for the other pair, too.