Friday, April 8, 2016

On line Christmas Tree shop experience

We made a list of needs/wants for our next rental (still await closure on that) and I am slowly addressing filling them. One item on the list was a pair of 84" thermal backed, tan drapes to cover the sliders in the living rooom, for privacy/security, light control, energy efficiency (even though the uniy was built in 2005). I found some on line at Christmmas Tree shops and ordered them, my dirst time using them on line. The drapes arrived yesterday. I noted that they come in pairs, and that I somehow missed that, and ordered 2 sets, so one would have to be returned. I paid approx $25/pair. I also spotted a Cristma Tree shop price sticker on each package: $12.99. Huh?

So today, after returning to my surgeon for a follow up, we went to Christmas Tree shops. The customer service clerk was great, she said that next time, I should call the on line division. She returned both sets, crediting my CC minus the shipping (fine), and rerang up the drapes (just one set)@ $12.99 plus tax.

I am $45 approx richer for my efforts.

The drapes? they also are sold @ Kohl's for $50/set. I did well.


meme said...

I have drapes like that on my living room windows for the past six years - they have held up great.

Busy Bee said...

It is so nice when diligence pays off. Love these drapes.