Saturday, April 9, 2016

May menus


After a stock take, DD and I created the following menus for May:

1-roast chicken, rice mix, a random mix of the remains of assorted bags of frozen vegetables
2-baked frozen Salmon fillets, garlic-herb seasoned orzo, green beans
3-fzn truffle-mushroom ravioli, fzn sugar snap peas with steamed carrots
4-dinner for 2; small Shepardess pie(fzn)
5-tacos: use 1/2 lb fzn grnd beef, 2 cans of pintos; canned corn
6-homemade pizza: sun dried tomato-onion-mushroom; salad *make extra sauce for Tues
7-fzn homemade lasagna, salad
8-oven BBQ chicken leg quarters, fzn baked beans, coleslaw
9-CP beans w/ fzn meaty ham bone, corn bread/biscuits
10-meatball (use homemade fzn)grinders w/ melted cheese, salad
12-sloppy joes-use Manwich, fzn grnd beef, fzn hamburger rolls, fzn mix veg
14-tuna-ditalli salad
15-beef-turkey meatloaf (use fzn grnd meats), mashed potato, creamed onion (fzn) with fzn peas
16-ham (fzn)-onion quiche, fzn green beans, salad
17-roast whole chicken, rice mix, fzn mix veg
19-farfalle w/ fzn sauce, fzn peas
21-egg sald sandwiches
22-spaghetti w/ fzn homemade meatballs, fzn garlic rolls, salad, canned wax beans
23-l/o fzn ham slices, scallopped potato mix, canned beets
24-baked ziti w/ cheese, frzn green beans, salad
26-Lydia's warm lentil salad, green salad, fzn Prince Ed veggies
27-homemade sausage-onion-mushroom pizza, salad
28-sloppy joes: use fzn beef, Manwich sauce; oven fries, canned corn
29-homemade potatoe and macaroni salads, hamburgers/hotdogs
30-planned overs
31-CP vegetarian chilli using 2 cans each red kidney and black beans, crackers

Not too much would remain for extra pantry supplies. Some meat will remain moving into June. I hope to continue at least until mid June, with this pantry/freezer cleanout. The boys graduate before the school year ends for me on June 16.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

You have a much better idea what's in your stock than I do. I anticipate buying a new refrigerator soon and have been trying to use from the freezer there. It's not going too quickly.

Do your boys have any plans for college/jobs after graduation? Do you have vocational schools in that area? We have them here for quite a few different types of jobs and except for hairdressers, I think they do quite well at placing kids in jobs? I don't know how disabled your special needs boy is, but wonder what plans are for him.

My grand-daughter graduated college two years ago and still isn't in what I would call a "permanent" job--with benefits. Of course she's one of those humanities majors, a big handicap. Her degree is in English/Film Studies (double major) and she spent 4 months in NYC doing an internship with a reputable programmer, but it didn't lead to a job yet. She has also volunteered locally and offered suggestions to the local independent theatre, getting her name and face out there. Her goal is programming for movie theatres (choose the movies shown, plan special events, etc.) or possibly work on festivals and conferences for film buffs. She is also interested in art and antiques and decorating. I hope she will find her niche soon because she has a lot of promise.

CTMOM said...

Marcia, SPED kid will attend a transition program at the local university,which will include community involvement/socialization as well as on campus employment, located in the city we plan on moving to (still await a signed off lease-I'll call today, it's been 3 days), near the bus line. This will be an opportunity for him to gain,hopefully, a lot of independance, with structured support. Kid # 4 was wait listed at one college of his choice, have yet to hear from 2nd-another reach school we can ill afford. My advice has been a) take a year off and work full time, B) attend either the local community college or university in the aforementioned city. He needs a reality check, finds it difficult to listen to anyone's advice. : (

Ellie said...

You are giving kid #4 GREAT advice re: community college. It is a wonderful way to get core classes out of the way and not have to pay premium private school prices for required classes. I hope he eventually listens to you.
There is a wonderful radio program called "How to Manage Your Money." that frequently addresses college questions. You can listen to their archives free.
Hope you are feeling well post surgery.

mikemax said...

Just curious how much you are spending on groceries these last couple of months before you move. Good job using up what you have.

CTMOM said...

$200/month for groceries, $50 on restaurant/take out

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Sounds like your boys have been planning well, at least. My grand-daughter moderated her dreams to her pocketbook, somewhat. She went to the University of New York at Buffalo--only $50K a year with dorms and board. She was lucky enough to come from a relatively poor family--her mother is disabled and her step father is just recently but was working most of the time. She had jobs and scholarship help and managed to come out of college only $17K in debt. Compared to many schools, that isn't bad. We helped some and continue to help with paying back the loans. (Her mother didn't know she was going to be disabled by time for college bills, and didn't have money to save.) While I will continue to help as long as it's affordable for us, I do want her to have the experience of paying back at least SOME of her loans. She started her new job today, so a bit premature to expect payment until she gets on her feet again. She's been off for about a month.