Monday, April 11, 2016

Just a top up and a screaming deal on grnd beef

 In the city for a PT appointment, so I stopped in to Aldi's for a quick top off, the likes of which have been and will continue to be the new norm until we've relocate.  Necessaries: 2 pkgs english muffins, 1 pkg hot dog buns, 1 loaf 12 grain bread-the aforementioned were all frozen in the garage freezer before the rest came up to the kitchen, 3 bottles juice, 1 jug cat liter(tallied separately), bagels, wheat bread, organic yogurt, bologna, 2 fzn OJ, 2 jugs milk, 3 boxes tissues, 1 box sandwich baggies, tub of mixed organic greens, 1 cuke, mushrooms, bananas, 1 pizza kit that we had for lunch/snack after school/work: contains 2 thin crusts, 2 pouches of sauce as well as an extra large plastic bag for storing one crust should that be all that you initially want to prepare from the kit. I also got a new tub mat, also not tallied in groceries.
I came across this huge 5 lb+ tub of ground beef 73% at approx $2/lb after $2 markdown, so I grabbed it for burgers, bologneses sauce, sloppy joes, tacos. I also returned $1.65 worth of soda cans, getting those out of the cellar. My receipt isn't in front of me, I spent 47.62, not including the cart litter or tub mat.

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Arden said...

I found a similar deal when I stopped in at Aldi except my stickers ended up being $6 off. That's why it pay to not spend every dime on grocery day.