Monday, April 11, 2016

Home furnishings on a budget

 The living room at the condo has a fireplace, flanked by 2 smaller windows which are covered by chocolate brown, woven Roman shades. The room also has a pair of large, sliders to the patio area out back. I have been looking for some thermal lined drapes to cover the slider, and had ordered some from The Christmas Tree shop, in a neutral beige. Yesterday, I found these.
 While I don't have exact measurements, since my goal is to offer energy savings, light control and privacy, 100 " of drapery will do the job, no need to buy the 4-5 panels recommended. I envision that these will be left open, pushed to the sides during the day. $90/panel is expensive.
No worries, they are clearanced @ 70% off, bringing them down to $27/panel. Yes, please! I'm returning the beige set I got.

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Kathy said...

Great deal! I think they are pretty too!