Sunday, April 3, 2016

Getting ready for an upcoming move

 I have a verbal  acceptance to lease a townhouse condo in the city. The Realtor called my references and currect LL on Friday, receiving "rave reviews." I am anxious to have the actual, signed lease in hand before advising my current LL that we are moving, and have expressed this to the Realtor. I  hope to finalize that during this upcoming week. I have also asked to get inside the unit again so as to take measurements. I have been making a list of needs/wants for the condo, including a smaller dinette. I chanced upon the solid wood, round (oval w/ 1 leaf) one with 4 chairs pictured above. Bargain @ $75 plus $20 to DX who offered to deliver it here. DD and I tightened the seats, washed it down with Murphy's oil soap, polished it with some lemon scented dusting spray. It's 6 years old, has dings /scratches here and there but I wasn't anticipatig perfect, just updated over the mid century set I had cobbed together post divorce. I may have it toughed up, but there is no urgency. I plan on using tablecloths w/ individual mats on top to protect it. I took advantage of some sales, some clearance plus additional promos to get 4 new tablecloths (1 Xmas, 1 Spring/Summer print, 2 solid). 2 per season so as to have one on, one in the wash.
I also have a list of items to sell/donate. Any cash raised will further supplement my moving fund as well as pad out my household fund. While I set aside monies monthly, moving will incurr some additional household costs such as the replacement dinette, handyman services, bathroom shower curtains and rugs, bath nonslip tub mats, etc.

The old dinette is posted on several, local Facebook tagsale sites, along with some other furniture we no longer want/need. I have generated a list of items to go through, in a divide/conqquer approach. I am home recouperating for 2 more weeks before returning to work, and naturally find myself very tired. Pictured above are the table linens that I am purging as of this afternoon, hoping to make a few dollars off of, towards the aforementioned expenses. I have keep the oval cloths for use on the expanded dinette table but more likely, the oval dining room table. Rectangular cloths are going, along with the bulk of mats I simply don't use, and napkins I don't care for and/or need. We still are keeping plenty: mats-one set of 6 ivory, 1 set of  8 beige, 1 set of  8 green. I also am keeping many sets of different colored, cotton napkins, most being Vera Neumann vintage ones as well as simple, solid colored ones. Mixing/matching over the seasons, I feel this is plenty to change up our tablescapes. The kitchen and DR are both green-hence my color choices.

I will soon be posting a request for used (often easy to get them free)moving boxes, will hit up the package stores and ask DS #1 to get me some from the grocery where he works.

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