Saturday, April 30, 2016

Getting ready for the move

I continue to sell things we no longer want/will be able to use at the condo. This means frequent stops at the bank for deposits. I've gone twice this past week! I rarely go to the bank as my pay is on automatic deposit, I pay for usual expenses (gas, groceries, etc) with debit/credit.

I connected with my current LL re: ending my lease one month early. We are working together to re-rent (is that the term?) for July 1. If done, she will drop my  obligation to pay July's rent and to continue with lawn cutting for July. (which is the law anyway) I've again turned to social media, have found 2 interested parties. One is coming today to tour the home.

Meanwhile, I am looking to engage the services of a handman to remove picture hooks etc, fill nail holes. With my OT issues, it's simpky not happening. My fairly new to me, local HM isn't responding to my PM's or voice mails. I will move on to someone else. I will get the chimney swept as well.

I continue to declutter, am planning a trip to GW drop off not far from here, today.


meme said...

I think I counted 354 dollars in your "stash" - that is great for moving expenses....hoping you get another renter.

thyme2save said...

Best wishes that all continues well with your move. The weather may give a good time for moving, that is if it does not rain. Deluges of rain for me.