Thursday, April 7, 2016

Doing better than I thought


I'm crunching the numbers and am very pleased with the results . As I am making decisions to downsize my life, monthly expenses, I have been able to reduce my monthly expenses by $986.47* so far. This number may increase once we're in the new rental, as there are a few budget item unknowns: natural gas, water/sewer, electric use, cable/internet, auto taxes, cleaning services.

I have reduced or eliminated the following:
-chimney sweep
-rental insurance
-hair care
-lawn care
-snow plowing

I did check on my auto ins, it will go up a bit, that increase has already been calculated within the above tally.*


Kathy said...

Sounds great! Wishing you the best in your move.
How are you feeling? Hope that you have a quick recovery.

CTMOM said...

I'm doing well, already in physical therapy. Worst complaint: fatigue

Lee Ann said...

Great job. Glad your surgery went well

Busy Bee said...

Wow! Way to go. I'm glad the physical therapy is going well.

Dawn- Blessed Beyond Measure said...

That is wonderful! High Five to you!!
I hope your fatigue goes away.
Enjoy your weekend! :)

young77 said...

Carol, so glad you are doing well. Your savings are awesome. Wishing you the best! Shirley