Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A taking care of business kind of a day, freebies

 I've been getting up/waking up at my usual work schedule time, getting kids out for the bus. This morning found me taking advantage of being an early riser so as to get my snow tires off, my all season radials on. Car realigned, which I paid for. The tire service was free as I had purchased the tires from them. Later on in the afternoon, I used one of my bought at Xmas time on promo Car wash vouchers and got my car washed, it really needed it! I did NOT let them charge me to clean my Weathertech mats. Once home, I got out the spray hose, some all purpose cleaner, a scrub  brush and some ragst, and scrubbed the Winter grime off myself. Once rinsed, I let them dry out on lawn, in full sun. No need to pay $10 for that. Even with my limitations, I can do that. I only have 49,000 miles on this car, plan on keeping it for some time. Maintainance as required, budgeted for  monthly. No need for gas this week, or last as I hadn't been driving. I last filled up on 3/29, won't do so again until 4/19. While at the auto dealership, I had a free to me bottle of water.
To keep myself  busy while waiting for my car, I read the Face book pages/tag sale sites. As luck would have it, a local townswoman was offering up 20 med-lg moving boxes, already broken down for transport, as well as packing peanuts (I declined), a tall bag of paper for dishes, another tall bag filled with those "air pillows" for cushioning breakables. FREE. Yes, please! I came home first from the dealership to store my snows in the garage, then grabbed the trash and headed over to the Transfer station as the woman with the moving supplies lives very close to the dump, which I had already planned to visit on Fri (they aren't open daily). This saved me a trip, got the trash out-win-win. $5 trash fee.
I finally am in receipt of my new lease for the condo. I did have to call the realtor as she didn't include any reponses to questions posed when I signed the lease on the 7th. Awaiting clarity on one item, but we have permission to paint ourselves, at our cost, the secondary bedrooms which are currently a dark peach color. Ick. I may be tapping DX's shoulder on this. Naturally, he would be paid, the expectation being that DD would pay 1/2, to cover the costs for her room.  Additionally, I've made an appointment with the Realtor for Fri morning, to return to the condo and take some measurements, determine what window coverings I need, what furniture to keep/sell.


I continue to sell what we no longer need/want. An old student's desk and chair netted me an extra $20 yesterday towards my moving fund. On Saturday, someone is supposed to come and buy a large rug and matching runner for $175. I keep listing whatever I can on Facebook to lighten the load prior to moving and to raise some CASH.


meme said...

Awesome on the selling on facebook!

I am hoping DX declines your offer of paying him - since it is for dd - keeping a little extra money in your pocket !

This condo sounds really nice!

mikemax said...

I was thinking the exact same thing!

Busy Bee said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you are rolling along on this move.